Today's adolescents, teens and young adult students face unique stressors. A fresh perspective combined with support and guidance can help students navigate the following:

  • Academic pressure
  • Parental relationship
  • Peer pressure
  • Dating
  • Perfectionism
  • FOMO
  • Social media
  • Disappointment
  • Relationships
  • College prep

College students

College students face unique stressors in that they have a new sense of independence (finally!) which is both liberating and overwhelming. They have more unstructured time and are expected to do the bulk of their classwork outside of the classroom. Learning to make friends, much less live with another person (oftentimes in the same room) in a new city or state takes courage and patience.

High school students

High school students are faced with more challenges today than ever before when it comes to rigorous academics, making and keeping friends, and navigating the pressures of social media and peers. We provide a safe space for teens to identify obstacles and find clarity and self-assurance.

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